Company's name



    ·         Vietnamese: Công Ty Cổ Phần Hợp Tác Quốc Tế Sao Kim

    ·         English: Sao Kim International Cooperation Joint Stock Company

    ·         Trading name: SAKICO.,JSC



    Lot 28, Services 8, Urban Southwest Linh Dam, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi.

    Phone number

    ·         (+84) 24.6681.1220 - (+84) 24.6259.4885 - 0967.687.617


    Legal representative

    ·       General manager  :Mr. Sy Dac Nguyen

    Business area


    .   Provide and manage labor resources in the country.

    ·         Provide and manage labor resources abroad.

    ·         Supporting education, educational consultant.

    ·         Foreign languages ​​training.

    ·         Travel Agents,…



    • Construction SAKICO., JSC became one of the companies providing international labor prestige, responsible for leading.

    • Provide quality manpower for partners.

    • Orientation for the younger generation started out strong, complete response of qualified human resources for the international labor market.

    • Always towards conquering objectives of sustainable development and is the first choice for partners and employees


    • The effort strives to build sustainable trust with partners and employees.

    • Bring the value and satisfaction for employees by the order have the best quality with reasonable costs.

    • Always companion to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

    • Provide labor to advanced developing countries to work to learn, improve, skilled to return to contribute to building and developing the country.

    • Create a professional working environment, dynamic and innovative where each member devote to work, convergence and development of talent.


    • Employees are valuable assets and a source of strength of the company.

    • Solidarity is the glue that brings together human resources and material and aims to build SAKICO., JSC became company providing leading labor in Vietnam.

    • Always take the confidence, devotion to the work platform for all business activities of SAKICO., JSC.

    • Taking quality commitment with partners and employees.

    • Always strive to maintain and develop the brand reputation of SAKICO., JSC.

    "In the future, we will constantly strive to deserve a reliable address for all who dream of working and studying in a foreign country ..."