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  • Interviewing skills with Japanese companies when exporting labor

  • Here are some of the skills needed in the interview with Japanese companies when exporting labor:

    1. Please introduce yourself briefly?
    These are common questions but also the very important question for you. If the will answer artless susceptible to vicious conflict with the following questions. It was thanks to this question that employers know the personality, your level and continue to make the tough questions later.
    Tip: The Japanese are very aware of the nuances of your face. You just seemed confident and comfortable answer. Do not be too afraid to lose your style but do not be too confident to become the offensive against them. Instead you keep smiling and take their eye. Definitive answer and do not spend too much time for explanations. Be able to express themselves as careful in their work, honest and always listens. These are the virtues of the Japanese is appreciated.

    2. You did where and why leave in the old company?
    This is a good opportunity for you to express hard, trying to get ahead in your job. You should avoid the following answer: boring old job; work pressure or work too hard; Demanding boss; ..
    Tip: The Japanese appreciate the loyalty and try my best at work. Please answer the like: I want to find a suitable job to be able to fulfill themselves; Do I want to be as close to home; I'd been working at a Japanese company because I wanted to learn how to work by the Japanese; Or low wages in the old company has also sometimes been accepted ...

    3. What are your strengths?
    This is the time to show your understanding of the job. You say a very comfortable way what you know and to depth on the issue.
    Tip: You should not matter endlessly. So will just take time, but sometimes it properly in the field of employer-depth, they will ask you to come along.

    4. What is your downside?
    This is the question that if not careful you will be very easy to lose points.
    Tips: Please answer the point that if suffering is not affecting the quality of work as: Solve work is slow or not know about a particular field. But remember not to answer what makes Japanese people assess you are not be careful.

    5. Why did you apply to our company?
    These are questions that demonstrate your careful. Please show that you are who need employment and have looked for jobs that companies are hiring.
    Tip: You say your knowledge about the company and shows that if working at the company, make sure that you will stick long

    6. You ask how much salary?
    This is probably the question that worried and sensitive to many candidates when seeking employment. Because that's one part that makes you decide to get employers to agree or not.
    Tips: Most Japanese companies have a floor wage for new entrants. So you should pay attention not to demand too high. While answering low it can still be accepted because if they are below the floor then they will still give you the same level as the floor. And if you do manage to recruit, then get the appropriate salary to answer slightly.


    1. You go like this you remember his wife and children, parents do not?
    Suggested answer: Not shown is the one who is too emotional, sentimental, injured wife, miss you, miss home ... The Japanese do not like that. Let's show the determination to work to learn from experience, technical work and earn money
    Can answer: Go away, everyone homesick, miss wife, my children remember sir. But when working f determined not to let emotion dominate affecting jobs

    2. You go after 3 years this has scared not derive wife / husband?
    Answer is not

    3. After the water you will do with the money she has?
    Think of your customized

    4. Does your family have a history of pathologic not?
    Answer is no

    5. Have you had surgery before?
    Answer is not

    6. You have no tooth decay?
    Answer is no. If decay is said to have cured it.


    Be confident, determined but not too confident counterproductive.
    Not too nervous or shaky. Look straight at the opposite when communicating.
    Calm, calm when answering questions or doing test, skill test. Fast is not selected where you please. Have you slow but careful, meticulous, but slower, that's your choice.
    This is the most important thing: to use mature honorifics when speaking, to express humility in words, how to greet when meeting, when saying goodbye, as well as attitude of gratitude because people taking the time to contact me. Negative way of looking at it might think it's unnecessary clichés. But if you know the context of history and geography of Japan, will understand the origins of this style of communication, and empathy arises and easily applied to ourselves.

    Above are some of the most basic principles, the contacts
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