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  • Roadmap participating trainees export of labor skills in SAKICO

  • Step 1: Sign up for the program:

    - Call the phone number or the company's Hotline 024.6681.1220
    - Contact register in person at the company to get specific advice. Company Address: Lot 28, Services 8, Urban Southwest Linh Dam, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi.

    * (Note: The company has no branches or representative offices other than the head office in Hanoi).

    Step 2: Complete the application file, enter a training course in Japanese

    - Health Screening Form Health Certificate for laborers to work in Japan at the Hospital of Thang Long (the company will have employees put checkups strong).
    - Improving procedures and records under the guidance counselors.
    - Participate in language courses basic ear training center belonging to the labor export companies

    Step 3: Contest orders

    - Organizing audition line by Union and Japan all firms receiving direct labor interview.
    - Or interviewed online via the Internet (video call, Skype, ...)
    - The results are usually published immediately after the interview.

    Step 4: Training after matriculation and procedures complete dossier

    - After matriculation notice, trainees will move to advanced training after matriculation.
    - Students will be trained to improve the Japanese; improve skills; Occupational safety training; orientation training to understand the advanced skills, skills, behaviors, laws and regulations related to the work and life, style of work, the code of conduct work, coordination and compliance requested by the employer.
    - Making Profile: passports, judicial record, resume, ... and other relevant records.

    Step 5: To exit procedures

    - Signing a labor contract in accordance with law (Circular No. 22/2013 / TT-BLDTBXH regulations on labor supply contracts abroad).
    - Signing of the relevant papers, visa.
    - Exit: The Company will have the car to the airport workers and company officials do exit procedures at airports.

    Step 6: Sang Japan work

    - Collaborate with partners to pick up at the airport workers in Japan and procedures for bringing workers to the place specified.
    - Manage and support to resolve any problems arising in the heart of working time.

    Step 7: Liquidation of contract
    - Utilization contract within 30 days of labor to the country.
    - Support reemployment if labor demand.

    For further information please contact:

    Address: Lot 28, DV 8, Urban Southwest Linh Dam, Giai Phong Liet q.Hoang Mai, Hanoi.
    Tel: 024.6681.1220. Hotline: 092.838.4727
    Email: Website:
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