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  • Those breaking the law in Japan

  • 1. Interrupt horizontal when queuing in Japan

    In Japan, when any one is queuing which interrupted, those which will be dealt with according to law.
    Clause 13, Article 1 of the law: "Committing misdemeanors in Japan" has stated that, "Based on the circumstances of severity of acts interrupting the queue, the offender may be fined the highest up to 1 million yen (equivalent figure of 200 million), even detained for 24 hours ".

    2. Vomiting in taxi

    Whether or not you have a drink, they are also punishable under civil law in Japan, if you missed the vomit on the car.
    In addition to the driver apologized, the offender will have to pay the fine and also bear the cost of taxi hygiene.

    3. Fighting in public

    Fighting for any reason in public, also are considered offenses and punishment for such a crime is no lightweight, jail 6 months to 2 years.

    4. Pressing people to drink in Japan

    Pursuant to Article 2 of the law "preventing drunk, disrupting security and order" of Japan, forcing people to drink is considered disruptive behavior order and security, will be detained for 48 hours and to pay a penalty of 10,000 (about 2 million). In addition, if such actions are causing bad consequences, then the wine press will also be prosecuted for criminal liability.

    5. Spitting in the park

    in Japan, he was caught spitting in places such as parks, subway station ... the violators will be fined from 1000-10000 yen (about 200 thousand to 2 million dong) and was recorded in the "black list" police monitoring.