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  • Recruit collaborators labor recruitment 2019

  • With years of deploying Japanese market, now we are working with more than one thousand enterprises in Japan, approximately 100 unionized labor management in Japan.
    To develop recruitment system inputs, we are constantly receiving support from collaborators recruitment source for the company.
    A. Subjects:
    + Individuals Collaborators have the ability to create resources (priority of you have been participated in the labor export program, understand the overseas labor market and can advise employees participation). PRIORITY apprentices / trainees ON WATER, Japanese teachers.
    + Individuals and organizations develop local labor brokers in local employment
    + offices, companies active in the field of labor exports, study
    + Local leaders, labor offices, job centers, training centers, vocational schools, universities, colleges, intermediate in the country ...
    B. Income:
    Exchanging direct specific
    C. operational Profile
    Sakico will provide the required local media to recruit sources:
    + legal documents, license to operate in the field of labor export.
    + Introduction of the company for personal work (the company introduced local people to implement recruitment sources)
    D. Open office and contract consulting affiliate
    - of organizations and companies guide open office procedures at local consulting + work contract recruitment source link
    E. benefits
    - Company to ensure credibility with workers CTV introduce up, no financial income if the employee does not go
    - Capture information orders, newest factory present the company is working
    - Sort seat in the office, living room for the next operational CTV labor
    - CTV Supports work with local leaders and departments. Support procedures, financial implementation in the areas of labor export seminars.
    - With professional CTV (labor steady, accurate advice, transparency and professional), the company may consider labor contract for enjoying the best support policy.
    Contact Details:
    Manage recruitment sources: 0966020767 (Ms.Binh)
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