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  • Conditions for trainees return to Japan 2nd 2019


    Conditions Intern Japan commuter 2nd:
    - Completed 1st contract, certified JITCO.
    - Age 21 - 35
    - Time for VN no criminal record.
    - 1st in Japan did not violate Japanese law, do not owe the phone or buy installment not paid off, ...
    - visa trainees 1st of the following lines:
    + Engineering: Milling, turning, planing, welding.
    + Construction: Scaffolding, formwork, reinforcing steel, carpentry, leveling, laying pipe, ...
    + Agriculture: Growing vegetables greenhouse, livestock, ....
    + Food Processing
    Rates trainee wages go 2nd
    - Basic salary: Candidates with N4 or more, the starting salary equal to the salary of permanent employees with the lowest income in the Company (the higher the minimum wage, about 20 ~ 22 man, depending Company).
    - Candidate N4 Japanese is not reached basic salary only 16 man. When reached N4 is increased to 20 man.
    >> Salary year change is 4.5 also apply to the minimum wage of the regions where wages must equal or higher than the salary of the Japanese have the same number of years of experience or are working at the company there.
    Come-term contract trainee go 2nd:

    + 2 years for users of water within 1 year.
    + 3 years for people over 1 year ago.
    - For trainees who already hold college or university, and Japanese equivalent, the Enterprise N4 reception area will recruit as technicians with a minimum 3-year contract, exit after 3 months of matriculation.
    - For you do not have a college or university, then take the 2nd trainee area, after matriculation to study Japanese equivalent to article 40, the minimum exit and contracts not exceeding 3 years.
    - Status of visa returned to Japan:
    a trainee skills or technicians (depending on the profile), right through the agencies sending in Vietnam and Union (technician only through the single enterprise) management in Japan.

    TTS is not guaranteed ones (technician after 1 year, guaranteed 1 relatives). For every contract technicians can find jobs and other factories ngiep and automatically switch status. For TTS maximum travel time 2 to 3 years out of the country.

    Need advice contact the company Sakico:
    Lot 28, DV8, Southwest Spirit talks, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Hanoi
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