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  • 5 Principles for a trainee to adapt fastest to Japan to work

  • As to a strange country Japan, inevitably you will encounter many trainees crestfallen due to differences in habitat, language and culture, human. Therefore to be able to adapt fastest to Japan to work, be familiar with the 5 principles below:

    Japan - land of the rising sun is a great environment for employees Vietnam has to learn experience and an opportunity to absorb the culture in a developing country such leading Japanese.

    But the culture of Vietnam and Japan have many similarities but most trainees coming to Japan to work are difficult, crestfallen due to the work environment a new, not well integrated with the culture and life in Japan.
    1. Clearly define your own goals

    The employee should clearly define their objectives before to Japan to work, then you must plan and try to achieve the goal that has set itself.

    2. Take time to learn about the country, culture and people of Japan

    Before going to Japan, you should take the time to learn the news about the law, people, Japanese culture through books, internet and from their predecessors.

    - The Japanese are always focused on the principles and discipline in work. Here are 5 principles of the Japanese work

    1.Luon respect discipline, abide by the rules.

    2.Luon respect the decision of the collective set.

    3.Lam the dedication and our best.

    4.Tuyet for adhering.

    5. A mental work hard and play hard.

    While living and working in Japan, you need we have to learn how to behave daily natives to not become an impolite. Please remember nga 10 taboos while living in Japan:

    1. Not walk on the right side

    2.Luon go on crossing road markings when

    3.Khong litter wrong place provisions

    4.Not pointing at others .

    5.Van lined chemical

    6.Not noisy on board presence

    7.Dung appointments, punctuality

    8.Khong picking cherry blossoms (sakura)

    9.Not legs crossed

    10.Khong smoking in public places

    3. equip yourself Japanese capital
    Language is the biggest barrier of labor Vietnam to Japan to work. Therefore, while companies must appoint a Japanese training (3-6 months) before departure, you can try to study well to have a good Japanese baggage before to work in Japan .

    After over Japan to work, you should spend your spare time to learn Japanese, actively communicate with native speakers to improve my Japanese capital.

    4. Build relationships

    Many TTS when for the first time to Japan to work bonus or afraid to communicate, just walking done on the home, making life becomes boring, stuffy. Actively communicate and actively acquainted, say hello to create relationships that will help you quickly integrate with life here.
    5. To participate in cultural activities in Japan
    at sunrise country usually takes place a lot of festivals and cultural activities. Actively participate in cultural activities is one of the best ways to help you integrate quickly integrate to life in Japan.
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