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  • Recruit technicians to work in Japan


    (V / V: Recruitment folding technicians to work in Japan)

    I, Info line, industry recruitment.

    - Company: To be announced in the interview directly

    - Work: Managing store chain selling food Vietnam in Japan

    - Location: Province OSAKA, KYOTO

    - Number of recruitment: 01 South

    - Estimated Time contest: Confirmation after the companies received CV

    - Forms of contest: Recommendation via form / Interview directly

    II conditions of Employment.

    - Graduated from college or above in related foods such as food technology, food chemistry ...

    - Gender: Male

    - Age 21 to 35

    - Standard: High 1m55 or older, weighing 50kg or more

    - steadier, full fitness.

    - Italian: Not required (Priority if any)

    - None of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV

    - athletic, agile, hard, hard, fun sociable with people.

    III, contract duration, interests.

    - Term: The contract indefinitely

    - Basic salary: 180,000 ~ 200,000 yen / month not including overtime (Working on average 02

    hours / day)

    - Subsidies prescribed company.

    - Anticipated exit: 04-06 months after matriculation

    - Working time from No. 2 to No. 6. Holidays calendar regulations of the company.

    - Closed covered under the provisions of the labor law in Japan.

    - Given the mode of an engineer, guaranteed relatives residing permanently in Japan.
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