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  • Culture and shooting people in Japan

  • 1. Symbol V

    In Japan, as a habit or an obvious thing that people tend to raise the finger V sign while taking pictures. Most children from about 3 years or older when standing in front of the camera will automatically raise your hand V symbol, head tilted to one side and smiled.

    2. Visitors to the central location of the image

    in Japan located in the middle is considered the most important, the most prominent in the image. Often guests will be invited to stand in the center of the photo.
    The elderly are respected and will always be at the center of any image. In many cases, the client and the elderly will be placed in the middle position balances.

    3. Security Considerations

    If you want to use a photo of someone on his personal page, without permission, you should blur the faces of the person to person in the photo is not realized. This will avoid the discomfort for those who do not want to appear.

    Japanese people have a habit of blurring or hide your child's image by adding face masks to protect privacy.

    4. Take a selfie sticks photographed at places banned

    bats take a selfie photograph obstruct the vision of others and can cause accidents when the shooting did not pay attention to what is happening around them so often banned in some particular station.

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