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  • The daily dish of Japanese

  • Usually, these foods can be served with rice and opinions directly to the right of the time or lazy busy cooking, but the majority still ensure a diet rich in nutrients and delicious.

    1. Raw eggs

    This dish usually appears in the anime Gintama, who will dine fresh cracked an egg and blend well with rice, served with soy sauce and then to add the bold. Food will be fat and salty enough, and also comfortable and almost not processed.

    2. Nattou

    Nattou is fermented soybeans - a traditional Japanese dish. The people of the land of cherry blossoms usually dine with natto for breakfast. This is known as a good food and rich in nutrients.

    3. Shirasu

    Shirasu is anchovies and how to enjoy it can be used fresh or dried after. Japanese loves this dish and is often served them with rice and some kind of soy sauce together again.

    4. Hijiki

    Hijiki is a black seaweed dried and sliced. People often eat the originating or not salted for more salty. This is a very popular food items, can be purchased from any supermarket or convenience stores in Japan yet.

    5. furikake

    furikake is a Japanese dry spices to sprinkle on rice and eat directly. This dish usually consists of a mixture of dried fish, sesame seeds and chopped seaweed.

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