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  • Learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival Japan

  • The first day it was on the day that holds autumn full moon (lunar 15/8), and they called this day date is Zyuyoga.
    This is the day of the full moon and the brightest, the most favorite is Japanese, and this day, the Japanese people

    enjoy great moon.
    2nd day of the moon that date is on June 13/10 according to the Japanese lunar calendar, the day is called Zyusanya.

    Autumn day in the Japanese people will gather family and choose the most appropriate locations for watching the moon together and chatted to share the problems in life.

    2. The story about the moon
    If the Vietnam imagine banyan tree and attach the Japanese Conglomerate believes that over the moon with the presence of pay

    rabbits are living and on the annual Mid-Autumn night bunny back pounding mochi dough to baking shoes.

    3. The moon cake in the style of Japanese
    cuisine is very famous Japanese people, so we do not wonder that they have a very special moon cakes and delicious. This cake is called Tsukimi Dango. This is also the main offerings in holidays watching the moon at sunrise country.
    According to the Japanese custom of the cake will be furnished to the moon first day. Japanese accounts furnished traditional moon cake is to give up spirit, pray for everyone in the family can be healthy, longevity and good harvests.

    4. Decorative day Mid-Autumn festival
    in moon-viewing festival of Japanese Otsukimi the most popular ornament is one of the famous seven grasses of autumn in Japan were there was wiping (susuki).

    5. Carp lanterns
    Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam with the star light of day Mid-Autumn Festival in Japan, children and parents shopping for lanterns, carp to participate in the procession of lights. Japanese lantern carp symbolizes courage, especially for boys.

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