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  • Inventory should be prepared to go to Japan

  • 1. Cash
    You should be converted into yen instead of carrying cash or cash Vietnam capital Chengdu by bringing money through change will also see relatively more trouble. As for how much to bring, depending on your economic possibilities and family. If followed, the scholarship covers the last few days to make the scholarship should not need to bring too much money. If a trainee, then you will usually be a union or corporation may advance money should not carry.

    This can be a difficult hurdle initially but, in general, when new to Japan you should be prepared to reach 100,000 yen (1,000 dollars) for initial precaution.

    2. The personal items
    *** Clothing
    The clothes you should wear fall clothes a little cold and summer clothes (because Japan colder northern Vietnam). Austria malaria can carry 1 wind jacket thick sweater, jeans, pajamas thick ...

    Do not bring many clothes malaria due to Japan to buy clothes is also very cheap (only reach 1000 to 3000 yen), T Japan very warm, lighter, better cold against Vietnam due shirt specifically designed for the weather in Japan. You should bring two suits in black (a suit winter, a suit summer, pay attention to the black suit) to wear during the holidays, the opening and closing school year, job applicants etc. Apart out, women can bring extra long shirt and prom dresses if you like.
    Socks (all): Bring a pair of pretty cold because the Japanese, not the 100 yen to buy also.

    *** Footwear
    In Japan, people often walk, ride the bus or subway ride to the female attention you should bring at least one pair of sneakers or flat shoes so convenient for traveling.

    *** Oral
    When new to Japan, due to unfamiliar food (usually seafood) and the weather in Japan, some students with allergies, some patients suffering from common cold, fever, ... So you should bring anti-allergic drugs, complete indigestion drugs, anti-heat. Also should bring some common drugs that students are familiar with in Vietnam as a cold medicine, headache medicine, drug colic, wind and oil, ... to be used for the first time.

    Japan is known as the most expensive country in the world, accompanied by then food here is not cheap at all. Therefore you should prepare pemmican approximately 1-2 kg (can add little noodles, dry foods, lightweight) to be able to hold out in the initial stages when unfamiliar with the food and prices in Japan. Spices are pretty complete side, but onions, spices cooking (the noodle, cinnamon, anise, ...), things of spring rolls (rice paper, wood ears, mushrooms), toys sour soup. If pregnant, you should bring these things go, sometimes cooked food Vietnam for foreign friends. As for things like fish sauce or food easy to stick odor, high humidity, perishable ... the best you should not carry because:
    Firstly because it can affect the other baggage of you: referring smell , dirty,...
    Monday could bring you trouble when customs entry procedures for security issues. (There are many cases were forced to leave the luggage)
    These items at supermarkets in Japan are sold at a price not too high

    ** The other instruments
    - school bag, backpack .. bring one is enough. Pens, rulers, books can be purchased from the store 100 yen is very cheap and should not bring much. However, you can take a bit from Vietnam. Example A black pen to fill out paperwork.

    - Turn based, small items in the house, shampoo, bath oil ... not bring limitations due to Japan a lot and can be purchased at very cheap of 100 yen. You should only bring a few to use immediately in the early days to 1.2.

    - Remember not to mislay the personal documents like airline tickets, passport ... About dictionary, just so that the pocket dictionary, limiting the large paper book, to space contains other things more useful.
    - Dictionary Kanji (Chinese characters), the common kanji Table of smart meters is enough to use. - The English-Japanese dictionary metals, Japanese-English and you can easily buy here.
    - Photo 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 (bring many under) After over Japan would take my card and it requires images. Photography taken around 700 yen the Japanese right, not cheap, so you should bring plenty of photos in enough for a few years (a few dozen sheets offline), include: photo 3x4, 4x6. You should also save photos to a USB card or on the Internet to print photos at Japanese What if necessary.
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