• Recruit nursing orderlies Japan


    (V / v Recruitment of health care to work in Japan)


    1. The number / gender: 100 female, 30 male.

    2. Ages: 18-32 years old; High:> 150 cm, weighing 45 kg or more.

    3. Education: graduated from high school or higher

    (Priority graduate training schools Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy)

    4. Health: Good, no tattoos, no defects, no criminal record, no liver diseases, tuberculosis, lung, HIV ... healthy enough to work abroad.

    5. Never apply for a visa in Japan (including study abroad).

    6. aspiration, dedication and enthusiasm.

    7. Ability to learn Japanese language to achieve a higher level and N4.


    Trainee is a health care worker can work in hospitals or nursing institute in Japan, the main work is as follows:

    1. To receive and transport the sample test results, prescription , form fields, check, medication ...

    2. Record and send reports, carrying rice, tea ...

    3. care, transporting the elderly, who need care (assistance eating, bathing, dressing, di transfer or other support).

    4. Clean, hygienic medical devices, disinfection, cleaning.

    5. Support for daily activities and rehabilitation activities, entertainment and recreation of the elderly. Care, communication, health status observed, ... and perform other tasks assigned.

    III. RIGHTS trainee.

    1. Working time: 8 hours / day; 40 hours / week.

    2. Contract duration: 03 years (then may be renewed). Divided into 2 phases:

    - Phase 1: The first year when entering Japan. After the end of stage 1 trainee passed the Japanese equivalent certificate and pass the exam N3 workmanship will proceed to the next stage.

    - Phase 2: Interns continued to work for 02 years in Japan.

    · The opportunity to settle the long-term: After the end of phase 1 and 2, Intern certified Japanese equivalent of N2 and pass the exam workmanship in Japan will be extended for another 02 years (phase 3). After the end of stage 3, Interns participate certification exam healthcare staff or certificate Japanese National Nursing. If the park one of the two types of this certificate is expired work in Japan for 5 years, interns can be transferred work visas to visa term, long-term residents in Japan, enjoying higher wages , guaranteed to bring relatives to Japan live.

    3. Salaries and allowances while working in Japan.

    a) health care workers to work in Japan are entitled to the basic salary is not less than the Japanese workers at work.

    b) Basic salary handheld (as part of the basic salary after deduction of taxes, insurance premiums, rent, no cash to do more), depending on the orders / provincial working wage of 120,000 yen - on 150,000 yen / month, equivalent to 24 million - 30 million / 1 month.

    c) Mode overtime and other regimes will apply according to the Labor Code of Japan.

    ð Total earnings (including overtime), an average of approximately 150,000 yen / month (about 30,000,000) or more. After 3 years of work, the income gain from 750 million - 1 billion.

    In addition, the trainees also receive a bonus depending on the achievement and level of completed work assigned.

    d) After the end of 3 years or 5 years of practice in Japan, trainees procedures Full pension after 3 years will receive payments of about 300,000 yen (about 60,000,000 contract), after 5 years 200,000 Yen (approximately 40,000,000 VND / month).

    4. To enjoy the holiday, vacation, health insurance, social insurance (employment insurance) under the provisions of the Labor Code of Japan. Trainee self pay income tax, insurance, housing ... as prescribed by the Japanese government.


    Start receipt date 11.23.2018

    Direct interview at company offices

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